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About Specialized Fire & Security Inc

Specialized Fire & Security Inc. was founded in 1991, as a fire suppression contracting firm specializing in Halon 1301 installation. Subsequent environmental concerns with Halon 1301 forced a modification of business operations to include fire alarm systems. New technology developments in electronic security helped drive our new security operations group, which focuses on this market segment.

Many fire protection companies are tied to a specific manufacturer of the system. We offer several product lines, as well as products that offer multiple sources. This leaves the client free to shop competitively for the life cycle of the system. We employ several firefighters who understand the importance of the systems they are working with. They also share the companies values and dedication to preserving the life and property they protect. The value add of having several firefighters on the team offers a unique insight into how the system will be used during an actual fire scenario. Our team members are thoroughly trained in the emergency and safety procedures of each client site, as well as their role, should an incident occur while they are onsite. As a retired code official, our Owner has insight into the code requirements and has a peer dialog with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).