Specialized Fire & Security Inc.



Our company is a single source for fire protection products and services, we provide complete consulting, engineering, installation and maintenance services. Engineering - premium engineering design is central to every fire protection project we manage.Installation - licensed, professional electrical and mechanical installation crews install all fire protection systems. Inspections and Maintenance - highly skilled fire protection technicians provide required inspection of all types of fire protection systems. Repairs - Our experienced technicians are trained to identify and repair most fire protection systems.

Specialized Fire and Security has become one of the largest, most respected providers of fire protection systems and services in the region. We have a proven track record of performance, our level of reliabilty and quality is our trademark. We provide solutions at cost effective prices and stand behind our work 100%. This places us in the unique position to offer our customers creative, common-sense approaches to design, installation, and service of fire suppression systems.

The company has special capabilities in the following types of projects: major airport terminals, aircraft hangars, multiple multinational pharmacutical companies, government and high security facilities, retro-fits, and special hazard systems. These construction activities are supported by a strong company commitment to provide all necessary inspection, testing, maintenance and services for all types of systems. No matter what the schedule or scope of your next project, we are the fire protection systems choice for you.